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Dr. John McLaughlin

Dr. John McLaughlin

Dr. John McLaughlin passed away surrounded by family on January 7, 2017. This website is maintained to honor his work and the inspiration which he offered to those who knew him.

After retiring from a 40-year career practicing law, at the age of 69, he renewed his lifelong passion for higher education and enrolled at Drew University. Over a 10-year period, he earned three additional graduate degrees, including a Masters in literature, a Masters in theological studies, and a Doctorate in history.

He wrote his doctoral dissertation on General Albert C. Wedemeyer in 2008 and later expanded the dissertation into a book about General Wedemeyer which was published in 2012. Dr. McLaughlin had a continuing interest in World War II, and in 2006, he founded the New Jersey World War II Book Club, which hosts monthly lectures at the Millburn Public Library by authors and historians interested in World War II. In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Dr. McLaughlin loved sharing his knowledge of history and literature. He lectured frequently at local colleges and high schools, as well as the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum, and the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


A. C. Wedemeyer